FS2002 American Boeing 727-200 Advanced – The Complete Package

Total package of aircraft, panel, and sounds to create a complete American Airlines Boeing 727-200 Advanced in your FS2002 aircraft hanger. Aircraft model is used by permission from David Randolph. Sound package used by permission from Daniel Careri. All new high-fidelity FS2002 flight dynamics provide smooth and accurate flight performance, realistic fuel burn, and range. An all-new FS2002 727-200 panel where every gauge, light, switch, and knob works. Features FS2002 air traffic control with appropriate voice audio for the aircraft. Accurate strobe, beacon, landing, and nav lighting. Two different panel configurations provided for users of FS2002 Standard and Pro. FS2002 Simicons, GPS, Radio Stack, and map included. Panel includes working EPR gauges, GPWS, A/C, gear wind noise, soft night lighting and many more features.
By Charles Fox

Download:  cf722aa.zip