FS2002 AerMacchi MB-326

Addestratore Avanzato Aereonautica Militare Italiana.Original model from Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva.Repaint from Gardone.(Zanetti Bruno)

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In the mid-1960’s the RAAF sought an ‘all-through’ jet training scheme, and evaluated a number of types, including the BAC Jet Provost, Canadair Tutor, Saab 105, Fuji T1, and Aermacchi MB-326, finally selecting the last in 1965.

Ultimately 87 were ordered for the RAAF and 10 for the RAN. The first 20 aircraft were assembled in Australia, and the remainder locally built from a high content of Australian components, by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC). The first Macchi flew in Australia in April 1967.

The RAN transferred its MB-326 aircraft to the RAAF in 1983. The Macchis’ activities were limited to less strenuous duties with the development of stress problems in the airframes, and the main trainer is presently the Pilatus PC-9. The first of the RAAF’s new BAe Hawk trainers was to be delivered in 2000, filling the RAAF’s jet trainer role.


TYPE: Two-seat basic and applied trainer


ENGINE: Rolls-Royce Viper 11 Mk.22-11 turbojet of 2,500 lb. thrust.


SPAN: 34 ft 8 in / 10.57 m.

LENGTH: 35 ft 0 in / 10.67 m.

HEIGHT: 12 ft 2 in / 3.71 m.


MAX. SPEED (Clean) ; 435 kts / 806 kph

INITIAL CLIMB: 4,500 ft / 1,370 m. per min.

MAX. RANGE: 816 nm / 1,512 km.

SERVICE CEILING: 44,000 ft / 13,411 m.



Normally none, but two 30 mm DEFA cannon (MB-326K);
6 hardpoints; 4,000 lb (1,814 kg) warload; 7.62 mm gun pods; R.550; Magic AAms; AS.11, AS.12 ASMs; bombs; rockets


EMPTY WEIGHT: 4,930 lb / 2,236 kg

MAX. LOADED: 9,480 lb / 4,300 kg

LOADED (Clean): 7,347 lb / 3,333 kg.


1967-with Central Flying School (CFS) at East Sale, Victoria; 2 FTS at Pearce, Western Australia; 2 OCU and 5 OCU (Operational Conversion Units); 25, 76 and 77 Sqns as lead-in trainers; and with the RAAF’s ‘Roulettes’ display team.
RAN SERVICE: 1970 – 1983


MB-326K operational fighter/bomber


Hello again for my seventh review for Ferdy and for you to read. This time y have been flying with a plane with a very detailed outside look and with some erros to be corrected. This plane is an AerMacchi MB-326. Firstly I have seen a good detailed cabin with some excellent side views but when you put the virtual cabin the image and the quality of the panel and the colours in it become alot less detailed and this makes the plane loose points.

 Also while you are in the runway and you accelerate the wheels do not move in the way the plane is moving. Again if you keep looking around the plane you will see two excellent 3D pilots controling the plane appart from the excellent outside plane’s textures.

A, I nearly fogot to tell that a yoke could have been included in the virtual cabinand that and what I mentioned before it would have been an excellent plane. This is an excellent plane I recomend you to download and play with this aircraft until you get board of it.

Myrating is 9/10