FS2002 A-10 Thunderbolt II

This is a armed and weathered version of my OA-10.Aircraft comes with 3D gear bay’s, full moving parts (landing gear, nose wheel, spinning wheels, control surfaces, airbrakes, and pilothead). The A-10 is used for close air support with the primary role of destroying enemy armour. Aircraft made with FS Design Studio Pro.Visual model by Kirk Olsson.

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The single-seat A-10 Thunderbolt II is heavily armoured and carries massive armament for ground attack. It has a combat speed of 712km/h and a radius action of 1,000Km around, the A-10 Thunderbolt II can carry 5,450kg of weapons externally.In addition to bombs, rockets and guided misiles,the Thunderbolt II has a seven-barrel 30mm gun mounted in the nose A total of 825 Thunderbolt have been builtand the type is in serve in the USA (United States of America) and Europe.

The first production A-10A was delivered to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., in October 1975. It was designed specially for the close air support mission and had the ability to combine large military loads, long loiter and wide combat radius, which proved to be vital assets to America and its allies during Operation Desert Storm. In the Gulf War, A-10s, with a mission capable rate of 95.7 percent, flew 8,100 sorties and launched 90 percent of the AGM-65 Maverick missiles.



First Flight: (YA-10) 10 May 1972, (A-10A) 21 October 1975
Service Entry: March 1977


1 pilot/$8.8 million


Wing Root: NACA 6716
Wing Tip: NACA 6713


Length: 53.33 ft (16.26 m)
Wingspan: 57.50 ft (17.53 m)
Height: 14.67 ft (4.47 m)
Wing Area: 506 ft2 (47.02 m2)
Canard Area: Not applicable


Empty: 21,519 lb (9,761 kg)
Typical Load: 32,730 lb (14,846 kg) [operating from forward airstrip] Max Takeoff: 50,000 lb (22,680 kg)


Internal: Unknown
External: Unknown
Max Payload: 16,000 lb (7,258 kg)


Powerplant: Two General Electric TF34-100 turbofans
Thrust: 18,130 lb (80.64 kN)


Max level speed at altitude: Unknown
At sea level: 440 mph (705 km/h)
Sea level cruise: 345 mph (555 km/h)
Initial Climb Rate: 6,000 ft (1,830 m) / min
Service Ceiling: Unknown
Range typical: 1,080 nm (2,000 km)
Ferry: 2,210 nm (4,090 km)
G-Limits: Unknown


·Gun one 30 mm GAU-8/A seven-barrel cannon (1,174 rds)
·Stations 11 external hardpoints
·Air-to-Air Missile AIM-9 Sidewinder (rarely carried)
·Air-to-Surface Missile AGM-65 Maveric, AGM-114 Hellfire, Wasp
·Bomb GBU-10/12 Paveway laser-guided, GBU-15, Mk 82/83/84 GP, Mk 20 ·Rockeye, BLU-107 Durandal, CBU-52 cluster
·Other: ECM pods, navigation pods, jammer pods, chaff dispenser pods, targeting pods.


YA-10 Prototype, competed with Northrop YA-9 for Air Force A-X attack plane contract and won on 18 January 1973.
A-10A Production attack plane; 721 built, about 90 upgraded with radar altimeter, GPWS, autopilot, new bomb sight, and capability for 30 mm cannon to be used against air units.
A-10T or A-10B Two-seat combat-capable trainer with enlarged nose and taller fins; 30 built.
A-10NAW or YA-10B Two-seat Night Adverse Weather prototype developed by Fairchild for consideration by USAF, second seat for weapons officer responsible for ECM, navigation, and target acquisition; not put into production but many features later incorporated into A-10 fleet
OA-10A. Small number of A-10As converted to observation and forward air control (FAC) role.


Gulf War (USAF, 1991)
Bosnia – Operation Deliberate Force (USAF, 1995)
Kosovo – Operation Allied Force (USAF, 1999)
Afghanistan – Operation Enduring Freedom (USAF, 2001-2002)


As always I have past tree or four hours trying and testing the A-10 Thunderbolt II. I have seen some things that could be inprove and things that can be put in. Firstly the main panel is well detailed. All bottons are available to touch this means that the panel is 10/10 realistic, but there are no side views from were to see things at your side.
Secondly the virtual cabine could be more detailed. Appart from this two things, the wheels have movement when you are about to lift up into the sky, and also the back side turbines have movement as the real planes.
The maniobrability is fast, quick and responces well to the movement. Is very realistic.

My rating is 9/10.