FS2002 1962 B33 Beech Debonair

Simulator & Version: Fs2002 -pro version
Suggested Library Category:FS2002 Aircraft
Description of content:1962 B33 Beechcraft Debonair V1.0. This aircraft including almost all instrumentation and views was made from actual photos of my real aircraft. Many new realistic gauges designed by Reality XP are included in this package. Gmax model by James Eden.
Authors: Geoffrey Applegate, James Eden, Reality XP

A little bit more about the….1962 B33 Beech Debonair

The Beechcraft Debonair was created as an “economy” bonanza to directly compete with the Piper Comanche. It became so poplular that it enventually became the F33a



Engine make/model: Continental IO-470-K
Horsepower For Takeoff: 225
TBO hours: 1500
Fuel Type: 80/87
Propeller type: CS
Landing gear type: Tri/Retr.
Max ramp weight (lbs.): 3000
Gross weight (lbs): 3000
Landing weight (lbs.): 3000
Std. empty weight (lbs.): 1745
Useful load – std. (lbs.): 1255
Payload – full std. fuel (lbs.): 811
Usable fuel (gals.): 74
Oil capacity (qts.): 12
Wingspan: 32 ft. 10 in.
Overall length: 25 ft. 6 in.
Height: 8 ft. 3 in.
Wing area (sq. ft.): 177.5
Wing loading (lbs./sq. ft.): 16.9
Power loading (lbs./hp.): 13.3
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin doors : 1
Cabin width (in.): 42
Cabin height (in.): 50


Cruise speed @ 6,500 ft. (knots):


75% power: 161
65% power: 152*
55% power: 145*
Max range (with reserve) (nm):
55% power: 991
Fuel consumption
(@ .42 lbs./hp/hr.) (gph):
75% power 11.8
65% power: 10.2
55% power 8.7

Estimated endurance

(65%) (hrs.): 6.0
Stall speed
(flaps up) (kts.): 62
Stall speed
(flaps down) (kts.): 52
Best rate of climb, SL (fpm): 960
Service ceiling (ft.): 18,400
Takeoff ground roll (ft.): 982
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle (ft.): 1288
Landing ground roll (ft.): 643
Landing over 50-ft. obstacle (ft.): 1298


The 1962 B33 Beech Debonair plane has good side views and a good main panel but it does not have virtual cabin. Also it has a good outside textures with metal effects included. This plane also has good blincking lights. Another good point is that the wheels move while you are in the runway. The control of the plane is also very realistic and it is not exagerated. After all this is a good plane with excellent textures. I forgot to tell you another error in this plane the directional wheel is always blocked looking fowards except for turning the side the plane is turning. Also there are very good reflections in the lower part of the plane.

My rating is 8/10