FS2000 Freeware Flight Group, DC-10-30ER VARIG

The much anticipated re-opening of the Freeware Flight Group has finally come. The re-release of the old legend, the DC-10 was defiantly the best way to do it. With many new repaints promised and the further expansion of the re-opened site, it is a very exciting time for the lads. Now down to the review. The Varig variant of the superb DC-10-30ER is brilliantly shown in this stunning pay ware quality model and textures. As you can see from our exclusive screenshots the work gone into the entire plane is tremendous.

The texturing work brings to light a new standard of freeware files as we have seen recently with various items that become avaliable. Looking at the aircraft from a distance shows that an unbelievable amount of work has gone into this aircraft. However it is the close up shots where the FFG textures come into their own. Close up the texturing just as good as from range. I personally feel that many files nowadays have this problem. This is not the case as you can see from our shots.

Onto the model of the DC-10 now. What is there wrong with the model? Not a lot to tell the truth. The flap work is wonderful and the engine rendering and model is comparable to that of the pay ware aircraft like the might Phoenix aircraft such as 747 and the 777. With full moving parts and the addition of the flight engineer in the cockpit as well as the regular flight crew this aircraft takes realism to new heights.

Unfortunately there is no panel with this aircraft, which is a great shame. As you may see when you look at the Freeware Flight Group’s web site there is an undefined link to a panel page. With any joy this will soon become avaliable. Alternatively you could use a default panel with this aircraft but it will do no justice and I would strongly recommend you get something a bit better. There are a few DC-10 panels about but if I were you I’d wait until FFG give their DC-10 what it truly deserves, which is a high quality panel to accompany this high quality aircraft. In my opinion this has to be one of the best freeware files ever for flight sim. Keep up the good work.

There is also Air New Zealand variant of the aircraft, which is equally as good as the Varig version. It and any other new updates may be obtained by clicking on the link below.

To download this aircraft go to: http://avsim.com/ffg/aircraftdload.htm

FS Planet rating: 5/5