Canary Islands 2001 – GCCC – TMA – For Flight Simulator 2000

By: Alfonso Bello

First impression: i heard that this scenery was available for download i like when something new for spain comes out becouse i am Spanish so i was up to a big task for my 14k4 modem! 14k4 Bps yes that’s very slow but i did it after 50 min.

The installation is just as simple as extracting the files to your scenery Dir activate and fly, there is need for modifications in SCENERY.CFG the first time that you install an scenery wich needs those modifications the next scenery will be an peace of cake the readme file includes as usual the info about the autor in this case Alfonso Bello. it inludes a .doc manual in spanish with the data of each airport included and a fancy picture and the usual stuff.

The scenery:it includes an very much liked dynamic and static scenery which includes: Iberia, Binter, Air Europa, Spanair, Futura, Viva,
Sabena, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Britishih Midland, Swissair, Japan Air, British Airways, Varig, Ltu, Aeroflot, Cubana, Air France, Transavia

Statics Helicopters:
Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional, Proteccion Civil and Servicio Canario de Salud 112 (Ambulance).

Other Statics Aircraft:
Cessna, Piper, Beech Baron, Islander, and many military aircraft.

The main goal of this scenery has been more the airports than the rest of te island i think becouse there is actualy nothing more on the land except mountains and a few marinas and the USS Nimitz and a few other US boats the objects (macros) are quite good some of them function but i did not like so much the dock system which was poor id did not move much so it did not indicated much the lights were allright but it supprissed me that there were no lights in the terminals something that makes the scenery “not so realistic” i noticed in a hangar an photo of an piper with somebodey next standing in it very funny indeed have a look it is in the north airport of Tenerife. i saw a few buildings and some ships but that’s al the extra outside the airport i liked the textures of for example the Cespa tank truck at one of the airports and a helicopter in the air i supose MR.Bello will bring out updates for his scnery with the work i have seen of him i think he is capable of making an outstanding good scenery.

The aproach to the tenerife airport is very nice specialy at night it has those big lights on those light poles the dynamic scenery can be very iritating if you for example just land on the runway when an big Alitalia 747 jost comes to you when you have just touchdown! that’s what happend to me but anyway i liked it.

In the .Zip file itself you find: a lot of textures readme files the scenery files. the file is to big for the scenery itself i think that some of the textures included were not necesary that’s no problem with people with a broadband connection (i will have that soon!) but for people with an 14k4 like me it is not so nice to find out that there are textures that are not necesary!
the scenery was a bit hard to find i download it from Bello’s page but was not on were i usualy get my files.

I think that the areas on the islands should improve a lot otherwise it is not an very good scenery that’s way i will consider this scenery an pre-release.
The frame rate was not an problem at all couse there was not much drawing for the card so i had something abou 19-25 FPS which is ok for my system.
the lights system is nice but needs improvements.
at the moment it is an very poor scenery
That’s all
any comments are welcome

textures: 4
Realism: 3.5
Frames: medium 20 FPS on a 700 MHz 128 MB RAM and TNT2
lighting: 5
details: 5
objects: 5

total validation : 5.5 points

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