British Airways BAE 146

When you see a download as small as this (346 KB) you will automatically think the files inside will be no good, and there will be no point in downloading it. But to my surprise the RJ100 or as it’s better known as the BAE146 was a remarkable download. As you see below the features this small download holds are some of the best I have seen in a download of this size!

The installation was easy enough for anyone to do, it created its own directory with all files in there correct places ready for use. With some big downloads you have to create the directory’s yourself, which I find very annoying when a download like this can do it in seconds! It also includes a photo of the real plane that this download was modelled on. Which I think is a good way of showing what the BAE146 / RJ 100 looks like in real life if you’re someone who hasn’t seen one before! It gives you the feeling after looking at the photo that you’re flying the Real Thing!

When I entered the aircraft folder on Flight Simulator, I scrolled down to what its called in the folder “ CityflyerRJ100 ’Waves Of The City’” The reason for this is because this plane in the British Airways fleet is currently operated by Cityflyer Express and because the tail is painted in “ BA World Tails” it was called Waves Of The City! On the description it gives you a good reference to the RJ100/ BAE146 from its engines to the cabin! In the Performance Specifications it also gives you the “basic” details of what are needed for basic flight!

The textures of this aircraft are not too bad but could be improved, the only real bad thing is that when I went to ‘Spot View’ I saw that all of its windows except the Cockpit were painted (or just like a Blob) of light purple paint. Now that for me spoiled the image of the plane. Also right above the first few windows should be that un-miss able BA Logo, but when it came to looking at that I was deeply shocked to see that it was manually made and was crooked and not painted well at all. But apart from those few miss-haps the outlook of the plane was OK. This aircraft also includes night-lighting too.

At the gate at London Heathrow pre-paring for our early morning flight to Paris Charles-De-Gaulle Airport. We had just completed our pre-start checklists and now were requesting Push and Start from Heathrow Tower. After getting clearance we started the start-up sequence of the 4 especially quiet Honeywell LF507 engines! After the smooth start-up we requested Taxi to Runway 27R at EGLL (Heathrow).

With the basic panel put in this plane with ONLY the 2-engine start-up and the 2 engine gauges showing it’s hard too even start-up the baby. But you can imagine the problems you would have in mid flight with only the engine gauges from engine 1 + 2 showing. So I recommend you find a good BAE146 orRJ100 download from the net and you will have a much better flight!

After taxi we are lined up on 27R ready for takeoff, as we taxied I could clearly see the range of full moving parts including (Engines, Spoilers, Slats, Flaps, Steer-able Nose Wheel, And Rolling Wheels!) Takeoff was a marvellous experience with 10 degrees of flaps we rolled down Heathrow’s Right Runway and before we even came to half way we had lifted up and began our climb. In came our wheels, up came the flaps as we speeded up to 250knots the baby was running fine!

On the cruise we were at a speed of 300knots talking to French Control. We had gained permission to descend to 10,000ft. We lowered the flaps as we slowed for the descent. The descent was one descent I had never experienced in a plane before the BAE146! On the approach we were at 25 degrees of flaps speed of 210knots and at 5000ft. We were just having a look from Spot View at the baby in the air. With landing lights on and just about to lower our gear.

On Finals we lowered our gear and decreased our flaps to Full (45 degrees) Final checks and Runway was visible, we extended our spoilers. And wow did they slow us down!! As we touched the slats opened and came nearly to a full stop before we increased our throttle so we rolled. We raised our flaps back up watching them move from Spot View, took off landing lights and took the taxiway to the Main Terminal.

As we approached the gate we did our Parking Checklists. On parking we set our Parking brake and started to shut down the Engines 1 by 1. As the 4th engine stopped I realised what a JOY it itis to fly the BAE146/RJ 100! If only the textures were a little more realistic I would be keeping this plane in my Aircraft Folder for a long time to come. I also noticed in the flight that sadly this aircraft did not include its own checklists or references. But I would like to say Good luck to Mike Stone and John Sibley for creating this aircraft. And keep publishing your files on FSPlanet!

FS Planet Rating: 3/5


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