FS2002/FS2004 MiG 29B Fulcrum-A 9 – 12 Russian & German. version 1.0

Created with g-max. Built for virtual cockpit flying. With sound files. by P.Huggins [Show as slideshow] ...

FS2004 Aero Commander 500 Cargo (WITH VC)

Pkg incl Gmax A/C with “hand-flyer” flight dynamics (seat-of-the-pants navigation) and features a custom era correct well-used panel (with a few broken gauges) and two dirty ...

FS2002/FS2004 Aircraft, Panel & Scenery — Martin B-26 Marauder

This package includes completely new plane, panel and scenery models and designs for FS2002 and FS2004. It also includes new aircraft sound files, a full virtual cockpit and full moving ...

FS2004 Tupolev Tu-114 package

First unit CCCP-L5611. By Samdim Design bureau. Dimitri Samborski (coordinator, models), Sergei Golosov (panel), Maxim Mysin and Nikolai Samsonov (textures), Pavel Usachev (flight dynamics) ...

FS2000 Lufthansa Boeing 777-300

Repaint of the default 777-300 in Lufthansa colors. By Doeke Bakker. Download:  z773lh.zip

FS98 The Boeing 747-400 Collection Version 2.5

Lufthansa Boeing 747-430 ‘Duesseldorf’, registration D-ABVH. Boeing Serial No. 845. This Model is highly detailed and has a maximum count of parts and components that can ...

FS98 Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 747-200F “Clocks”

v.3, registration D-ABZF. Lufthansa had firstly dubbed this plane “Africa”, and then painted it into this livery featuring clocks showing times around the world and named ...

FS98 Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 737-200

Features moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, spoilers and landing gears ), maximum textures, and 12 sided fuselage and engines. Aircraft by Jorge Oppenheimer. Textures by Rui ...

FS2000 B737-330 Lufthansa

Repainted by Helge Bast. Original by Jorge Oppenheimer. Nightlighting modifications by Christoph Klose. Includes 12pt rounded fuselage and engines, fully animated flaps, gear, ailerons, ...

FS-98 Lufthansa 707

Repaint by Ken Padgitt from original by Bill Alderson Download:  lh707kp.zip